Thursday, March 1, 2007

letting loose in church

# : 4
Your Name : sarah r.
City : salem
State : or
Date : sometime in 2003
Time : early morning
What : my husband and i were sitting in the back pew of our church building, and there was a kid who was about 16 or 17 standing in front of the side entrance door immediately to our right. we were in the process of taking the sacrament, and it was really quiet in the chapel. all of a sudden, i heard a funny noise. i looked around and couldn't figure out where the noise was coming from. it sounded like a leaky pipe or something. that's when i noticed that is was, in fact, a leaky pipe of sorts.
the teenager next to us (who was standing up, by the way), was peeing his pants. it was incredible. he just stood there peeing. his pants were getting wet, it was dripping on the floor, and he stood there and didn't even flinch. he didn't notice that my husband and i were looking at him. as the pee pooled on the ground, he used his foot to try and smear it around the carpet to make it look less obvious.
it was really strange. he was a totally normal, skater-type of kid. and there he was, peeing in front of everyone. to this day is it one of the strangest things i have ever witnessed.


Rachel said...

I am so speechless right now.

whit said...

That is so bizarre. That right there, though is why you do not want to miss church. Interesting things always happen at church!

Rachel said...

hahaha, so true. Missing church is no longer an option after hearing such a story... I can't imagine coming across such a scene in a singles ward, but you never know, it could happen...